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Charming Living Room
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Partner with us. Stay with us. Do life with us.



We are a real estate investment group. What began as a journey in long term rental acquisition has additionally expanded into short term rental hospitality. In pursuit of our goals and passion for real estate, we aim to support those we build relationship with along the way. Look below at what being a short term rental partner will look like for you. 

Suburb Houses


We know first hand the security and peace of mind that you desire as a landlord. Our goals support yours in more ways than one when you are one of our short term rental partners. 



Evictions, job losses, and more can eat away at your cashflow. Not to mention the costs that come with turnover such as listing fees. Multi year leases across multiple units means you can be more at peace about consistent income. 


Unit Maintenance

You want your property well taken care of. As do we, since we strive to provide our guests with a 5-star experience. Our cleaners will be hard at work multiple times a month to maintain our high standards of the unit. This means we are constantly aware of the condition of the property.


Trust and Safety

Door camera security ensures 24/7 monitoring. Noise detectors maintain peace among the community. Smart locks generate  different entrance codes for each guest. Management and staff can additionally have their own code so we always know who is coming and going

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